Biodiversity abundant

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This morning we spent some time at Pynchon’s Grist Mill Preserve in West Brookfield looking for signs of life. Boy did we find a bunch of stuff! Several plants, insects and mushrooms are yet to be identified, but we were … Continued

Fun at the Family Fest

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The model train was a big hit during the Family Fun Fest at the Mass Central Rail Trail today!! So was face painting, drawing with chalk and hola hooping. Not to mention target shooting with a fire hose. The Imbier-Monson … Continued

Trees identified

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Saturday afternoon was pretty warm, but a gentle breeze off the river kept the black flies away as the group strolled from tree to tree, looking and learning to identify what they saw. Thanks to Kate Marquis, the Mass Service … Continued

Winter Species Sampled

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The morning was cold and there weren’t many birds moving, but that didn’t stop the small, but hearty crew from walking around the 43 acre Pynchon’s Grist Mill Preserve today. All told we registered 65 species of vascular plants, 7 … Continued

Smoke in the sky

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The sky over Wendemuth Meadow got hazy yesterday morning as we began the process of burning brush piles. It was a beautiful day for burning, but a little more wind would have helped the process! We used leaf blowers to … Continued

Pulling Knapweed

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  Thanks to all the volunteers that helped pull and dig knapweed last Saturday at Wendemuth Meadow Preserve! The front field was weeded, which is a great accomplishment. There is more of course. We are talking about an invasive plant … Continued