What We've Been Up To

Annual Bird Monitoring


We had a great morning birding at Wendemuth Meadow and Mandell Hill. Here’s our list: bobolinks | Red-winged blackbirds | Barn swallows | Crow | Common yellow-throat | Tree swallow | House sparrow... READ MORE

Bluebird House Project a Success!


We originally planned to assemble bluebird houses as a part of our April 19th National Volunteer Week event (this event has been rescheduled to June 21st, FYI!). Instead, Cynthia and Ken Abair prepared... READ MORE

“Protecting Pollinators” Book Discussion


Folks came out on Thursday night to discuss “Protecting Pollinators” by Jodi Helmer The world’s pollinators are facing massive population declines due to pesticide use, habitat destruction, climate change, and non-native invasive plants.... READ MORE