The East Quabbin Land Trust encourages visitors to all of its preserves. Please be respectful of the land and other visitors.  EQLT has several policies that guide use of the land, including a Dog Walking Policy,  Hunting and Fishing Policy and Recreational Trail Use Policy. We encourage you to go explore Seven Acre Preserve.

Enjoy an easy .4 mile walk along this mowed trail that takes you around the perimeter of the field. This 7-acre property was the last piece of land remaining in the Wilder Family, who were involved with the settlement and formal establishment of Petersham as a town in the 1700’s. The East Quabbin Land Trust purchased the land after the Conservation Restriction was donated to the Town of Petersham in 2016.

Management of this land is focused on agriculture and pollinator habitat. The Land Trust hopes to restore the organic matter in the soil to establish healthy nutrient cycling on site for small-scale vegetable farming. In addition, volunteers established a 100’x100′ pollinator meadow near the kiosk in 2019. This is a multi-year process focused on seeding native grasses and wildflowers to support declining pollinator populations.