Wonderful morning at Mandell Hill

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It was a gorgeous morning at Mandell Hill… sun was shining, the breeze was coming from the west and the birds were gliding over the fields. A great morning to get some work done!

John, Caren and Jeff spreading out the topsoil near the Ray Buelow bench and white birch at Mandell Hill


Two main tasks were the focus of the work. First, continuing to control the invasive plants growing along the stone walls. We are trying two organic methods to control plants such as multiflora rose, bittersweet, and even the native poison ivy! One method is using a 10% vinegar foliar spray, with the intention of killing the leaves. The second method is using a flame torch around the base of the plant to kill the cells that transport food and water up and down the stem. Neither method will kill the plant, but instead knocks back the existing leaves forcing a second flushing. With repeated treatment each year the plants should weaken and die. That’s the theory anyway, and we’re trying out the theory along the walls at Mandell Hill.


Secondly we spent some time removing small trees around the old barn foundation and laying out topsoil near the Ray Buelow bench by the white birch. The ground was very uneven because of a small old foundation that caved in. Topsoil now covers the area. Flowers and grass will be planted over the area in the next few weeks.