Trees or Timber?

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American canopy coverThe book discussion about American Canopy, written by Eric Rutkow, had a lively back-and-forth conversation last night. It didn’t matter if you read the whole book, some parts or none at all. Everyone got into the discussion about specific tree species, historical figures or the overall premise.

We started off with a simple meal Рsoup and bread. After  introductions around the table the discussion soon revolved around the history of our country and the importance of trees to European settlement along the way. Was the book really about American trees? Or more focused on the economic impact of the timber resource? Who were the good guys or bad guys related to the nations forests? How did the trees impact internal politics or international relations over the centuries? Why were apple trees so important in the 1700s?

We also came up with a number of other issues, topics and people to learn more about. Thanks to all who shared their evening and thoughts about American Canopy.