Restore the Store – Huge Success!

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Community members in front of The Country Store on July 27th

Over 300 people descended on the Petersham Common last Saturday afternoon and evening to participate in the Restore the Store community potluck and auction fundraiser! People came from all over town and all over the state to participate. Donations for the auction came from across the globe from dedicated supporters that want to have The Country Store reopen.

The live and silent auction were a smashing success. Many thanks to auctioneers David Boeri and Doug Goudie as they coerced the audience to bid high and often. Current tally is that over $20,000 was raised and there are still a few items outstanding. Thank you to the many, many donors, participants and supporters that enthusiastically contributed this fundraising event!! Each and everyone made a tremendous difference.

These funds make a big dent in the overall fundraising goal of $75,000 to complete necessary renovations on the building. We anticipate that it will take three months to get the store opened once renovations begin. If all goes as planned with final permits for the purchase, the store will be open for business before year-end. We expect to plan another community celebration then too.

There were many, many people that contributed their time and talents to pulling off such a wonderful community gathering. We extend our heartfelt thanks to them all. Without their energy and enthusiasm Restore the Store would not have succeeded. Thank you!!