National Pollinators Week is June 20 -26!

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To celebrate, the East Quabbin Land Trust will be hosting some fascinating pollinator events, as well as working with students from Quabbin Regional High School who will be doing a pollinator study and enhancing pollinator habitat on school grounds.

We are looking for donations to make these events successful. The list of items needed includes: plants that attract pollinators (see list below); hollow bamboo for bee houses; shallow plant saucers at least 16″ wide, coarse sand and clay pots for butterfly puddles.


Plants that attract pollinators:

Monarch butterfly at flower

Black Cohosh

Wild Columbine

Swamp Milkweed

Common Milkweed

Butterfly Weed

False Blue Indigo


Purple Coneflower

Joe-Pye Weed


Blazing Star

Wild Lupine

Bee Balm


Black Eyed Susan


Golden Rod




New Jersey Tea

Members of the pea and parsley families


To donate please contact Service Learning Coordinator Sarah Mildren at