East coast of the Quabbin Reservoir hike

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Well, the first segment of our group hike along the east coast of the Quabbin Reservoir came of nearly perfectly on Sunday. A few rain showers – especially during lunch – and a side trip down an unmapped trail diverted the group for an extra half hour, but we regrouped! Six hours later arriving back at our cars at Gate 43. Can you tell which picture is before or after? There are smiles in both!!


The group of nineteen hikers getting ready to hike the eleven miles to Gate 43. Looking west from the Quabbin Tower towards the Holyoke Range.

The happy participants just a short walk away from their cars after a long day on the trail.
Crossing Goodnow Dike


We had a lovely walk, through woods, across the Goodnow Dike and along a stretch of the Reservoir itself. Animal sightings include deer bounding away with tail up (not too surprising), a Red-shouldered Hawk that let the entire group walk right underneath and get a good look, and a porcupine that ambled up a tree and was having a snack. Several beaver ponds were along the roads but not visible when we passed by. We were having too much fun talking to actually sneak up on any wildlife!

Please join us for the second phase of the east coast hike series – walking from Gate 43 to Gate 37 on Sunday July 27!