Beautiful Day for a Garden Tour

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Granite ledge with plantings at the Paquet garden

Saturday was a beautiful day, especially after what seemed like a whole week of rain. We thank the gardeners for opening up their unique spaces for others to tour through – Doug Anderson and Dan Salvucci, Jake and Susan Stukuls, Liz and Jerry Reilly, Abbie Rorer and Charlie Buell, Bruce Lockhart, Peter George, Stephanie Selden and Linda Paquet.  Feedback from tour participants showed great appreciation for the work involved in each garden, unique ways of using stone and sculpture, and how the overall setting added to each garden experience.

Formal pathway in the Lockhart garden







One of the rock gardens at Peter George's




One of several ponds at the Selden garden







Granite sentries welcoming at the Selden garden






Welcoming sign in one of the Rorer's shade gardens