Pictures of a Prescription

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Group meeting in preparation for the day of prescribed burning at Deer Park Preserve last Saturday, October 19. Caren leading the discussion.
Lots of equipment is needed for a burn, including fire trucks, rakes, leaf blowers and much more.
Tim Simmons, from Mass. Natural Heritage Endangered Species Program, was burn boss for the day.
Drip torches are used to light the fire. Here the torches are being filed.
The crew checking the fire lines before starting the prescribed burn. The area uphill will be burned.
The burn is just starting by preparing a back fire, where the back edge of the burn area is lit.
The back fire is further along, creating a stronger fire break.
Using the drip torch to bring the fire farther down the hill.
The crew ready as the fire progresses down the hill towards the fire break.
The hillside after the area was burned. Most of the under brush was removed.
A second area was also burned on Saturday, the ridge top in the woods.
The prescribed burn working its way through the woods.
Here the woodland burn is getting watered down.
The prescribed burn leaders at the end of a successful day!