Going Wild at the Woods Memorial Library!

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Making pine cone bird feeders at the Woods Memorial Library

The Barre Library’s weekly story time was a little more wild than usual this past Wednesday, February 1st.  Kelly Wheeler, our Service Learning Coordinator from Americorps brought a treasure trove of native animal skins and skulls to share with the children.  When the children walked in the library, their eyes lit up with excitement.  They learned about the native wildlife in their backyards and were able to touch the firs.  They saw otter, mink, fishers, moose bones, a Great Blue Heron skull, a bobcat skull and many more.  They also found out that deer have no top teeth!  The last thing they were shown was a large white tailed deer skin that was laid out on the floor.  All at once, all the children dove on the skin, except the one or two who couldn’t decide whether or not these animals were alive and ready to bite them!

After the skins were safely put away, we brought out the peanut butter and pine cones to make bird feeders.  These feeders provide the native birds a much needed source of food in the leaner winter months.  The kids were really excited to go home and hang up their feeders to see what birds they could spot.  If you have little ones, the Woods Memorial Library has a weekly story time every Wednesday morning at 10:30.