Briefly-blooming beauties

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On April 28th we explored the fields, woods and marshy areas along Muddy Brook and discovered some early season spring ephemeral plants. Here’s a few images for you to enjoy (Thanks Ann!).  Other flowers and plants observed during the walk included: Golden Alexander, wood anenome, marsh marigold, lupine, dwarf ginsing, wild geranium, meadow roe, star flower, sessile-leaved bellwort, wintergreen, partridge berry, spice bush, tooth wort, shinleaf pyrola, Solomon seal, nodding trillium, gooseberry, red-elderberry, Jack-in-the-pulpit, trumpet honeysuckle and rattlesnake plantain.

Bloodroot in bloom. Plants closer to Muddy Brook were already gone by, but these were up on the talus slope of the Hyde Woodland Preserve.
These spring beauties were enjoying the sunshine on the southwestern slope with sandy soil.











The trillium flower bud is visible in the center of the leaves, almost ready to bloom.