Beet greens!

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Enjoying beet greens, trying a new and tasty treat!

Yesterday the Kid Stop School Age Program was caught red handed–eating raw beets!  In preparation for their summer farming program at Frohloff Farm the children were learning about different plant foods.  They were given a picnic basket loaded with a variety of vegetables and asked what they were and what part of the plant the edible part came from.  They learned that corn, wheat, oats, rice, and sugar all come from large grasses.  They also learned that although a potato grows underground, it is botanically considered a modified stem, not a root.  The best part came when we cut all the veggies up and ate them for snack.  Who would have guessed you could get kids to try raw beets and they would like them!  They were even more excited when I told them the beet greens were also edible.  When they came through the snack line they asked, “Can I have more of the weeds please?”  It just goes to show that educating kids about food in a fun way has amazing and unexpected results!