Volunteers Create Bluebird Trail at Mandell Hill

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Volunteers that helped create the Bluebird trail at Mandell Hill

Twenty enthusiastic volunteers gathered at East Quabbin Land Trust’s Mandell Hill Preserve in Hardwick on Sunday March 24 to usher in spring and install Bluebird nest boxes along the walking trails and stone walls of this scenic working farm. Harrison Achilles, a local birder and craftsman, started the afternoon off with an informative presentation on how to construct the ideal Bluebird house and gave tips on how to install the boxes and monitor nesting success.


Attaching perches to the top of a Bluebird nest box

The group soon got to work preparing nest boxes, clearing brush, and installing boxes in strategic locations. And it was just in time, as we saw several male and female Bluebirds flitting around fence posts and the bird observation tower that day. Thanks to the following dedicated volunteers, we now have over 25 nest boxes set up at Mandell Hill. We thank Debra Jerome, Ron and Barb Newton, Sheila Croteau, Erin Mascroft and her children, Rod and Linda Leehy, Tom Clark, Doris Matthews, Barbara Hanno and her young friend Karynn, Jane and John Freeman, Charlie Burnham, Mark Mattson, Jeff Smith, Caren Caljouw, and Harrison Achilles.  And a special thanks to Country Bank for supplying several enthusiastic volunteers that day. Now that spring is finally here, bluebirds, tree swallows, kestrels, and bobolinks will soon be calling and flying about Mandell Hill, so please visit the trails and observation tower soon!