The Prince River Preserve is a 70 acre forested parcel in Barre. The trail entrance is off of Flaherty Road, where there is a small parking area. Visitors on the mile-long trail will wind through northern hardwoods, hemlock, and white pine trees before reaching the scenic lookout point over the Old Reservoir. The Old Reservoir was first constructed in the mid 1800’s to provide a controlled flow of water for water-powered manufacturing along the Prince River near the Allen Corporation and Heald Village. A diversity of wildlife species are found here, including white-tailed deer, moose, beaver, coyote, bobcat, fisher, Snowshoe hare, Ruffed grouse, and Woodcock. 

The East Quabbin Land Trust encourages visitors to all of its preserves. Please be respectful of the land and other visitors.  EQLT has several policies that guide use of the land, including a Dog Walking Policy,  Hunting and Fishing Policy and Recreational Trail Use Policy. We encourage you to go explore the Prince River Preserve.