Preparing a Pollinator Meadow at Seven Acre Preserve

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We had a great day prepping the pollinator Meadow at Seven Acre Preserve in Petersham on Saturday! We spent the afternoon raking out grass and weeds from the meadow bed, removing rocks, and spreading native wildflowers seeds.

We’re learning a lot in this process – the seeds are so small they have to be mixed (and mixed, and then mixed more) with wet sand in order to be efficiently spread over the bed. Pollinator meadows take several years to establish, so we know this won’t be the only workday for the meadow. We’ll have to return next year to weed again and spread more seeds. Eventually we may want to perform a controlled burn on the meadow, which will help prevent woody growth from taking over. We’re looking forward to learning more about establishing pollinator habitat and are excited to have finally started this project!

Thanks to all who helped out! If you’re interested in helping out with future pollinator projects email Jess at