“Only wild cat in Massachusetts”

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Laura Hajduk sharing information about Bobcats

Did you know that Bobcats are the only wild cats in Massachusetts? Or that they are called Bobcats because their tails are ‘bobbed’, but can actually be as long as twelve inches?

The audience was very attentive as Laura Hajduk, Furbearer and Black Bear Project Leader at MassWildlife, shared these and other key points about Bobcats in Massachusetts. In general Bobcats are elusive and shy of people, making it difficult to learn much about their behavior and see them often. At the end of the presentation, Hajduk showed a video of four Bobcats playing on the ice last winter. They behaved a lot like house cats, the young ones romping and roughhousing with each other and using a log that was sticking up through the middle of the ice as a springboard for their adventures.

The audience listened closely as Laura Hajduk shared details of Bobcats secretive lives