Families Rambled Today!

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Most of the runners posing at the historic marker for the New Braintree train station, part of the Mass Central Rail Trail
Most of the runners posing at the historic marker for the New Braintree train station, part of the Mass Central Rail Trail

IMG_20191013_090623907_HDRwebIMG_20191013_100729795_HDRwebThe sun was shining and families came out for the 8th Annual Station Loop Ramble! In some cases it was the parents cheering on their youngsters; in other cases is was the youngsters cheering on the parents; and there were a number of families where everyone was running or walking. With many choices, there are lots of options! Whether it’s one mile, 5k or 5 miles, there’s something for everyone.




There are so many people to thank for having a terrific Station Loop Ramble. First, is the participants and their families. Second, is the wonderful group of volunteers that plan and run this terrific family-friendly event. Third, are our corporate sponsors, including the Gold level sponsors: Atlantic Capital Strategies, Senator Stephen Brewer, Hardwick Sugar Shack. The Silver level sponsors: Bell & Hudson Insurance, Rose 32 Bread, Kip’s Christmas Tree Farm, Raitto Engineering, Craig Della Penna – Realtor, Hardwick Kiln, and Country Bank. The Bronze level sponsors: Lost Towns Brewing, Flexcon, Barton Associates, Landry & Meilus, R.N. Glidden Landscaping, Reed’s Country Store, E.P. Wine, Quirk Wire, Sherman Oil, Hardwick Farmer’s Coop, Cornerstone Bank, Dunkin Donuts Ware, and Hannafords. Fourth, are the donors of prizes for the runners, including: Hardwick Farmer’s Coop, Petersham Country Store, Angel Nail Salon, Komenda Apiary, Dunkin Donuts Ware, Mexicali Restaurant, Big Y, Subway North Brookfield, Barre Gazette, Hardwick House of Pizza, Claudia Broschart cookies and Clover Hill Farm. Fifth, we had a special appearance from Senator Anne Gobi, who gave two gift subscriptions to the National Geographic Kid’s Magazine as a special prize to two young runners. Thank you Anne!

Below are race results for the Kid’s One Mile, 5 mile classic and 5k run/walk.

Kid’s One Mile
First Name Last Name Time
Timothy Rodier 6:39
Carlee Rich 7:29
Matthew Peabody 7:34
Mason Peabody 8:27
Catelyn Rich 8:47
Ellen Barkoskie 9:38
Sam Payne 10:31
Penny Ouimette 10:50
Calia Rich 10:37
Quinn Ouimette 11:01
Rosie Cogoli 13:12
Nick Barkoskie 13:19
Alise Rodier 13:39
Finn Barkoskie 13:45
Addison Rodrigues 13:45
Caden Charron 14:37
Clara Cogoli 15:58
Cora Wangerin 15:58
Sadie Ouimette 15:58
Sadie Cogoli 18:02
Ellie Robbins 18:08
5-Mile Classic
First Name Last Name Town Time
Matthew Twarog Hubbardston 29:57:00
Erik Trudeau New Braintree 38:45:00
Clayton Degnan Barre 38:52:00
Jan Shillieto West Brookfield 39:44:00
Brian Farmer Ware 39:64
Ed Hood Hardwick 40:04:00
Michael Groner Barre 41:56:00
Audrey Snay West Brookfield 42:45:00
Maggie Payne Rochester 43:51:00
Kristine Rodrigues Wilbraham 45:51:00
Pam Clark West Brookfield 46:08:00
Nicole Keleher New Braintree 46:17:00
Sarah Howe Paxton 46:27:00
Eric Howe Paxton 46:03:00
Elaine Dill Monson 46:41:00
Polly Currier Sturbridge 47:01:00
Robin Langer Hubbardston 47:04:00
Jim Rutherford Ware 52:29:00
Helen Januszewski Oakham 52:03:00
Holly Wielsma Spencer 52:54:00
Emily Glaubitz Worcester 54:02:00
Brian Laramee Oakham 54:21:00
Brett Ouimette Gilbertville 55:15:00
Tad Currier Sturbridge 57:23:00
Doris Farmer Ware 67:33:00
5K Run/Walk
First Name Last Name Town Time
Matt Peabody Phillipston 16:03
Aden Rigali North Brookfield 24:22:00
David Maher North Brookfield 24:36:00
Craig Charron West Brookfield 25:59:00
Connor Snay West Brookfield 26:39:00
Gene Rich Gilbertville 26:40:00
Emma Wilk 27:36:00
Collin Wilk 28:02:00
Mark Kablack New Braintree 28:11:00
Colleen Gary Brimfield 29:16:00
Eric Snay West Brookfield 29:31:00
Lynne Feldman Petersham 31:00:00
Justin Gary Brimfield 31:13:00
Martha Degnan Barre 31:15:00
Evan White Hardwick 31:15 (minus
Lynne Wangerin Barre 31:46:00
Bryan Wangerin Barre 31:47:00
Leah Trudeau New Braintree 35:26:00
Dave Broschart West Brookfield 36:51:00
Ken Snay West Brookfield 42:24:00
Claudia Broschart West Brookfield 42:58:00
Jennifer Laramee Oakhan 44:43:00
Elizabeth Larramee Oakham 44:43:00
Kristen Bock Ware 45:25:00
Jody Kablack New Braintree 53:31:00
James Larramee Oakham 54:19:00
Daniel Larramee Oakham 54:58:00