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The old barn foundation at Mandell Hill that is mowed and cleared of vegetation regularly.

Many of the walls at Mandell Hill are excellent examples of dry stone masonry. Come help expose more of these walls!

On Saturday, September 3rd, we will cut back the multiflora rose, bittersweet and other plants along the walls that form a 2-acre paddock right next to the old barn foundation. Bring your brush cutter, loppers or other cutting tools to help expose this paddock wall. We’ll start early (8 am or earlier) to beat the heat. If you can’t come that early, please come whenever you can, and stay for an hour or all morning.

Cattle in the open pasture at Mandell Hill.

Cattle in the open pasture at Mandell Hill.

Once the wall is exposed, we’ll run electric fence and begin grazing animals. The goal will be to graze llamas, cattle and maybe goats in the paddock over the next several years. With the animals help, we will reclaim the area from invasive plants. Clearing enough of the walls to string electric fencing is a critical first step.

Please RSVP to Cynthia at chenshaw@EQLT.org or 413-477-8229 so we’re sure to have enough snacks and lunch food.

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